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Earn Your Money Online

Internet Marketing & SEO

For those new (and not so new) to Internet Marketing, learning the ropes can a be a costly exercise.

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Promo Videos Made Easy

Internet Marketing - Avoiding the Pitfalls and the Hype

You can avoid many of the pitfalls by following those who have already been down that path and learn from their successes and their failures. This is what this site is all about. Earn Your Money Online is a resource site for would-be and experienced Internet Marketers alike to share ideas and information on how to successfully generate income on the web.



You will find all the articles, reviews, blogs, forums and tools you need to make more informed decisions about your website, your product selections and your promotional opportunities. What you won’t find is “get rich quick” schemes because they are the “snake oil” of the modern era and you are probably here because you have found that out for yourself.

SEO - The Real Deal?


Ever been told that you can rank number one in Google in a week or even overnight?

Well that might be possible with the right domain name and the right product in a niche market with no competition but we are sorry to say that those days are over.  Sure, you may still have some chance dominating the market and ranking number one on Google with a website called www.toledo_red_tooth_brushes.com but is there enough money in that market?


Unfortunately, the bar has been raised by the search engines and by the sheer number of competitors with a head start on you. This is not to say that you can’t compete it just means that if you are listening to anyone who is offering you a magic bullet then you are probably going to be very disappointed and out of pocket!


Avoid this disappointment. Take control of your Internet Marketing destiny and start learning your trade so you are not at the mercy of Internet Marketing Scams.

Where To Start?

At the beginning of course…

The best place to start is in the Tools Menu. This is where the elements of earning money online are listed in a logical order. You need to understand each element of Internet Marketing and each of these sections will have the relevant tools and resources to guide you down the right path. No hype, no scams, just a wealth of honest and practical advice from experience Internet Marketers.


To get the most out of the site you might want to register first. It Free and it allows full access to the forums.


Is This a Familiar Story?

Six Figure a Month Income! Only 200 Copies will be sold! Only $49.95! Once Off

It certainly is a familiar story to our content team. We have all fallen for it or at least invested some money in some KILLER SYSTEM. The fact is that if you were making 6 figure a month income ( That’s a minimum of $1.2Million per Year) why would you sell 200 copies for $49.95 Each ( $1,990) and risk letting people in on your secret system?


Its because its a scam… they don’t sell just 200 copies, they up sell more KILLER ADD-ON PACKS and rely on suckers (like us) to cop the loss and move on to the next big thing.



Don’t worry. You are not alone. The road to Internet Marketing Success is littered with roadkill. So if you have survived so far you have probably learned some valuable lessons because in all the hype and deceit there is an element of truth and like all effective deceit it is based on enough truth to complete the scam. On this site we will pick the truths from the lies and you will be able to use them to your advantage.

Remember the saying Speak no Evil, Hear No Evil, See No Evil? Well wherever you see the three monkeys on this website it means we have not tested the service or product we are referring to. We have heard no negative review but it is up to you to check it out completely before you use it or buy it.

So…Why the Monkeys?