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Website Building Tools

There is no doubt that building a website is a daunting project for the uninitiated. This will almost certainly be the most expensive component of producing an income from the web. This is particularly true if you are not able to develop the website yourself.


However, if you have reasonable computer skills and you able to easily learn new skills then the benefits of developing your own website are very significant.


This site was developed using a relatively inexpensive graphically based website editor and the results are excellent.

Featured Articles & Links

Your website does not have to be a beautifully crafted work of art filled with flash intros and animated gifs. Check out some of the basic design tips in the this article.

Website Design Basics

Onsite SEO is an important ranking factor and when you design your site you should take a serious look at the design from the search engines perspective. This article discusses the design process and how to start on the right foot.

SEO Website Design

Have you considered whether the product or service you re about to market actually has a market? This article discussed the commercial viability of your product and how this may impact your marketing approach.

Products and Payback

Your website will require  content in the form of  images, videos and written content. We take a look at some of the sources of content and which ones you can and can’t use.

Web Media Content

How can you get free video content on your site. How does this impact ranking? Should video be linked or embedded?

Using Videos on Your Site


WordPress is exceedingly easy to use. It is simple enough for an average user, but has enough features to suit a business. And all of those features are easy to access and use. You do not have to know HTML to post an attractive blog with WordPress.com; you also do not have to know how to submit your blog to search engines. The service routinely submits your blog to Google’s blog directory. We also liked it because you can change things like your header image without having to figure out pixel by pixel size. Sidebar widgets can be added and arranged by drag and drop and most other alterations are just as easy. Best of all its FREE.

Serif produces some of the best desktop publishing software around and it is a complete mystery to us why it is not more popular. WebPlus X5 is the latest version of this foolproof web site design application. The package is billed as a ‘business’ tool, but it’s suitable for use by anyone with small to medium web site ambitions, but who also lacks the technical know-how to realise them in raw HTML or a heavyweight application like Adobe Dreamweaver.


WebPlus X5 is very much a WYSIWYG web editor that keeps code out of sight and instead favours a drag and drop design approach. That’s not to say it places any constraints on how pages are created, and ambitious types with distinct ideas can start with a blank document and then assemble a layout from scratch using a variety of predefined web elements. Text frames, image frames, buttons and navigation bars can all be dragged onto a page from the ‘QuickBuilder Bar’ and then formatted, much like in a DTP application, using a range of toolbars, palettes and Properties dialog boxes. You can buy WebPlus5 here.

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