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Serif WebPlus X5 - Getting Started

To install a WebPlus X5 Website you will first need a web hosting account. There are many web hosting sites to chose from and each have their strengths. Quite frankly, you could spend a months researching the pro and cons of each provider but at the end of the day there isn’t a lot that separates them. After looking at the most recent hosting service reviews we believe the best approach was to select three options based on consistent high rankings in independent reviews. These consistent reformers appear below in no special order.

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On a Budget? Why not Check Out the FREE Version!

We like free stuff! So why not check out the free version if you are on a tight budget.. You may find that it will do the job. In or experience the look of a website is secondary to SEO and content so save your bucks for the keyword research and site optimization tools and just built a clean site with rich and relevant content and leave the flash websites to the fashion conscious!