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Internet Marketing & SEO


Internet Marketing (any marketing for that matter) rides on the back of a relevant and effective customer interaction and product delivery system. Marketing can deliver visitors to your website but unless the “package” is right you won’t keep your visitors around and if you don’t keep them around you wont sell them anything.


Getting the “package” means researching your product, knowing your target market, designing a website with relevance , appeal, pricing value and an effective delivery method.  


So lets start at the beginning and look at some tools which may help you achieve this. Because not everybody has the money to invest in software we will always try and show you the tools which are free as well as the more advanced ones which you may have to pay for.

Your Product | Does anyone want it? Product Research Tools

Do you know what you want to sell or promote? Maybe you are looking for something but the process is the same. First you have to find out if anyone wants to buy! Use the right tolls and this process will be greatly simplified.

product research

Building a Website| DIY Tools

There are some great tools around for building professional websites. DIY web sites have the added advantage of flexibility...you can add content and change formats at the drop of a hat.

Many successful websites are built using free tools such as Wordpress. Others again use intuitive software which does away with the need to understand HTML.

Website Construction

If You Build it Will They Come?| The SEO Tools

The short answer to that is probably not. Your site needs to be Search Engine Optimized if you are to be a competitor in whatever market niche you have selected. Google’s 200 ranking factors are too complex for individual analysis - there are some software tools that will do the analysis for you.


PPC Advertising| PPC Tools

Organic (free) listings are great and we all aspire to this. However, you can get immediate traffic using PPC advertising and depending on your product pricing model and the competition this may be a very viable alternative for you. But i t has to be done right or you will pay a higher price for traffic than you should.


Improving Your Organic Ranking| Ranking Tools

While SEO is important , ranking highly in the search engines is increasingly about your off site SEO. Once you have the onsite SEO factors  optimised its time to get working on the offsite factors. We discuss both Black hat and White hat techniques… which ones work and which ones you should avoid.

organic ranking

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc| Social Media Tools

So what’s the all the buzz about? Why is social media marketing getting all the attention and how do you use it most effectively?

Social Media Tools

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