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Search Engine Optimization -  Site Content

How important is good site content? Opinion on this subject varies enormously but you will find that the majority of Seo “Experts” who suggest that content is not important are probably peddling get rich schemes or extreme niche products associated with get rich schemes.


This is not to say that you can’t generate traffic to a site with poor content but the question is how do you generate traffic to a site which has poor content. It is unlikely to be generated through back links because it is difficult to get quality back links without quality content. You can invest in as much link farming and auto blog posting as you like but the links these activities generate almost always have such little authority that they will not have any impact on your ranking in the major search engines. Furthermore, if you have chosen to generate traffic through PPC advertising your pay per click cost will be impacted by your organic Google ranking so given that site content is both important for organic ranking and quality link building your should really spend the time to get this right.

Don’t take our word for it though! Check out the video below straight from the Google Engineers.

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Your website SEO is critical to your success.  Whether you outsource this important task or do it your self you need to understand how it all works…. We’ll show you how in this easy to understand series.

SEO for Newbies

Ever notice when you opt in for a free SEO newsletter that you get bombarded with AMAZING offers for new KILLER SEO software?


So you’ve lucked out using yet another Internet Marketing Guru’s guaranteed method to send “Massive Targeted Traffic” to your website earning you a 6 figure monthly income for life …”  Get the hot drum on Internet Snake Oil.


While the web is full of marketing products and web  tools which promise the world by fail to deliver there are some useful products out there. We have some favourites that worth taking a look at.

Things That Work

Making a promotional video has never been so easy. Web 2 applications such as Animoto  allow you to quickly and easily turn your pictures, tag lines and images into professional video productions. See Demo Below.

Promo Videos Made Easy

This is where the Internet Marketing Guru’s come in and tell you that there is a Magic Bullet or some KILLER SOFTWARE that will do the whole linking thing for you and catapult your website to number 1 in 24 hours! Well Guess what? Its not that easy.


Now that is not to say that software can’t help you get there but even the very best software our team have ever tested requires a lot of hard work and and it takes time to have an impact. Even the very best of SEO software authors will tell you this.







Content or Links - Which is more important?
This all Sounds Like a Lot of Effort? So Who is this Guy?

His name is Mark Cutts and he is a Search quality engineer for Google A lot of IM’s don’t like him because he was and still is largely responsible for the crackdown on link spam.


There are lots of conspiracy theories spawned by disgruntled black hat website developers that suggest Cutts is not what he seems (a pragmatic guy who basically maintains that Google is all about search relevance and tells you how to stay on good terms with the search engine.)


Does he tell us everything?... well no he tows the Google line and probably overstates Google’s ability to combat black hat tactics.


Our team generally agree that in the world of SEO you can believe more of what he says than most other “experts”.