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So is SEONuke Black Hat or is it a legitimate tool for improving your off page SEO. This is a somewhat controversial issue. Read More

SENukeX - Black Hat or Not?

Sometimes you just need to stay under the radar and the best way to do this is utilize a proxy server. You are going to need a few of them if you use tools such as SEONukeX and they need to be reliable. Read More.

Using Proxy Servers

Have you read that you should invest in a URL Scraper? What is this tool all about and why do you need it? Take a look at this article by Steve Williams for an explanation of why a good URL Scraper will give you an edge. Read More

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While the web is full of marketing products and web  tools which promise the world by fail to deliver there are some useful products out there. We have some favourites that worth taking a look at.

Things That Work

Making a promotional video has never been so easy. Web 2 applications such as Animoto  allow you to quickly and easily turn your pictures, tag lines and images into professional video productions. See Demo Below.

Promo Videos Made Easy

So what is SEO Automation anyway? Basically, this is a software program designed to perform all the tasks normally associated with improving the off-page ranking factors for your website. These include-



This is all designed to increase the number and quality of links to your site and to do it properly you need to to it using multiple user profiles, multiple variations of content and in a human like fashion i.e over a reasonable period of time that does not appear to Google to be spammy or un-natural.  


Take a look at the video below for an overview of how this software works.

If you have ever submitted to article directories, blogs etc manually then you will see the value in this automated software. The product is excellent and really, to our mind nothing else comes close. Does it have any faults? Well, not faults as such but it does have some aspects which are worth mentioning.


When in submission mode the product can grab a fair amount of processing time so don’t expect to do a lot of browsing the web while its busy at work. Also, it will tend to shut down other windows opened by your other apps so in some cases you are better off scheduling submissions early in the morning or some time when you won’t be working on your PC.


Document Spinning - This is the process of converting a single document into multiple variations by replacing words with synonyms. This is important if you want to avoid Google’s duplicate content filters. SENukeX recommends a product called The Best Spinner ( and it certainly is) but in reality the produced variants can make a real mess of things and they do require your input rather than using the auto-spin feature. Some say that the content just has to be unique rather than necessarily make perfect sense but the increasing attention to submissions given by ezine sites for example suggests that poor content will be noticed and rejected.


These are really minor issues when you consider the power of this automated software.

Is it as Good as it Sounds?
SEnukeX SEO Software
Black Hat SEO?

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