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Product Research - Are you selling what are they buying?

Given that many Internet Marketers start off with a product they are familiar with and one that is often close to their heart it is not surprising that often the demand for the product is entirely misjudged. Fortunately it is not hard to evaluate the online demand for a product or service and there are some great tools for doing this.


One of the best indicators of market activity is the search frequency of key words or phrases associated with the chosen product or service. The best tools provide keyword suggestions and metrics on regional searches. Check out the free options first before you commit to buying the paid versions.

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The Google Keyword Tool is free and it is the data source for all 3rd party analytics programs. Highly recommended and still used by many SEO consultants and Internet marketers. This is the place to get started particularly if you are on a budget.


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Market Samurai has a free option but the paid option is much more function. This application is really a project management tools which add some other useful ranking benchmarks. Market Samurai is the Swiss Army Knife of Internet marketing - it does market research, keyword analysis, SEO analysis, fetching and analysing content, building back links - and even more features are in development. Highly Recommended


If you haven’t played with it yet, you can download a free trial copy from the Market Samurai web-site. Highly recommended.


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SEO Spyglass is one of a number of applications which comprise the SEO Power Tools Suite. It is specifically designed to target the factors which have enabled your competetion to rank highly so you can replicate their SEO and backlink strategy. Ideally, you will take this new information and improve it further.


You can purchase them all separately but there is a significant discount available if you purchase the who suite at one. It is a recurring payment (every 12 Months) but the product is very comprehensive and highly recommended.


Download the Trial Version of SE Spyglass Here


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