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Organic Ranking - Becoming an Authority

The Organic Rank of your website is increasingly dependent on off-site factors. Gone are the days when you can fool the search engines into thinking that your site is an authority on your chosen product or service. While the major search engines still rank your site on content and relevance they now pay much more attention to what other high ranking websites think of your website.  This is no different to the way in which an individual may gain credibility… not so much by self promotion but more by his or her actions and even more so by way of referral from a great deal of credible sources of some authority in their area of expertise.


So, in simple terms, a relatively small number of links back to your site from high page rank sites to relevant pages on your site will achieve much more than a high number of low page rank sites linking to your site.

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Your website SEO is critical to your success.  Whether you outsource this important task or do it your self you need to understand how it all works…. We’ll show you how in this easy to understand series.

SEO for Newbies

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is an invaluable tool for generating inquiries on the web…but is your business model suited to this marketing strategy or will you have to review your entire approach?

PPC Marketing Basics

So you’ve lucked out using yet another Internet Marketing Guru’s guaranteed method to send “Massive Targeted Traffic” to your website earning you a 6 figure monthly income for life …”  Get the hot drum on Internet Snake Oil.

Get Rich Quick Schemes

While the web is full of marketing products and web  tools which promise the world by fail to deliver there are some useful products out there. We have some favourites that worth taking a look at.

Things That Work

Making a promotional video has never been so easy. Web 2 applications such as Animoto  allow you to quickly and easily turn your pictures, tag lines and images into professional video productions. See Demo Below.

Promo Videos Made Easy