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Market Samurai - Are You Selling What They Are Buying?

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Your website SEO is critical to your success.  Whether you outsource this important task or do it your self you need to understand how it all works…. We’ll show you how in this easy to understand series.

SEO for Newbies

Keywords are the basic ingredient of all Internet marketing. You can make a lot of assumptions about whet your target market are searching for but it makes a lot more sense to use actual data.

Why You Need Keyword Tools

We hear so much on this subject. Its like the last word whenever we expose some black hat marketing scam…. “You can’t trust what Google says because they are evil!”

Is Google Evil?

Do you want the fastest results possible ? Does than mean leaping into your IM campaigns and just making it happen?

Guess what? That’s a recipe for failure…

Look Before You leap!

Are there new frontiers to explore? Ever notice how everything has gone micro? Now its micro blogging and micro niches…. Once the only micro was microsoft.

Where No Man Has Gone Before?

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Market Samurai Features

Market Samurai is equipped with the following modules:


Keyword Research – Find additional related keywords to your seed keyword and analyze their traffic, Adwords value, competition, buying intent and more.


SEO Competition – Market Samurai will take a look at the top ten results for your keyword and show you how well they rank for a number of important SEO factors.


Rank Tracker – Add in your domains and keywords, and Market Samurai will show you where your sites rank for each of your keywords over time on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Monetization – Find products to promote on Clickbank, Amazon, CJ, and PayDotCom.


Find Content – Find content related to your keywords, which you can add to your website or blog.


Publish Content – Manage all your WordPress blogs in one place and publish your content to them easily


Promotion – Find Web 2.0 sites, blogs and forums that are related to your keyword where you can place your links on.

These features make Market Samurai a very comprehensive key word research and measurement tool. It includes an number of metrics which are both unique and unusual and will assist you in determining the viability of your chosen keywords.


Keep an eye out for promos as they frequently offer product discounts although for the price you may as well make the investment and start your research.  They provide great support and training through instructional videos which go beyond product use and into actual market viability. Highly Recommended but remember to start with the Free Trial Version.

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