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Youtube- Getting a head start

There are ways of increasing exposure on Youtube By exposure we mean the actual number of people who have visited your site or clicked on your youtube video, liked it, left a comment or subscribed to your channel . You may want to do this to add some credibility because sometimes you just need a few likes or comments to add interest for others and it can tend to generate more activity in a snowball kind of way.


The conventional methods of achieving this can be tedious so many Internet marketers use tools to speed up the process. A word of warning here...you must use the more reputable tools and you must use them while paying strict attention to the guidelines.


Nothing will get your Youtube account shut down quicker that using autopilot software which invites other users to view your video faster in greater numbers that is humanly possible in a given time. Stay on the side of caution and these tools can work very well. Get to greedy and you will get burnt very quickly.


Check out some of the more successful options below.

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While the web is full of marketing products and web  tools which promise the world by fail to deliver there are some useful products out there. We have some favourites that worth taking a look at.

Making a promotional video has never been so easy. Web 2 applications such as Animoto  allow you to quickly and easily turn your pictures, tag lines and images into professional video productions. See Demo Below.

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There are many sites on the web where you can purchase views, comments, likes and subscriptions. These sites guarantee that the views are all legitimate as they use a network of accounts with other social media sites including twitter to generate actual views by real people.


Inside information tells us that these companies use API’s (application programming interfaces) provided by Youtube so it is all legitimate and accepted by Youtube.


Pricing for views cost average around 5 per thousand views. Buy Real Your Tube Views is one of the cheapest and it would appear from testing that a very high percentage of the views come from twitter accounts.


You can pay by credit card or Paypal and you should start to receive views in 2 or 3 days at the rate of around 1 to 2 thousand per day. Generally, the oversupply as we suspect they can’t easily monitor the actual hits so it is more based on a timeframe and an historical click rate from their campaigns.