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Title Tag Optimization – High Impact SEO

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 19-04-2011

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Title Tags are an extremely important component of search engine ranking. Google, and of course the other search engines, use the text contained within your title tag to determine what your webpage is all about. You need to get this right and make sure there is a strong connection between the search phrases (keywords) and the title of your page. Is this title tag which appears in the top of your browser and in the text link of the search results.

I can’t count the number of times when I have found pages with no page title when I have been reviewing the SEO on a client’s website. Expecting to rank well with the search engines is at the very least optimistic when your search term is “weight loss in Florida” and your landing page is called page20 with a filename of page20.html.

Your page title should be a summary of the main points of your web page. In the short description length available you are attempting to convince search engine users to click on the link. Your title tag should include some the keywords that you are attempting to rank on and the name of your organisation (this will help establish your site and some authority on those keywords) You are fairly limited in the number of word you can news so use them well and limit it to about 65 words.

The strategy is fairly simple really. As described in the previous post your filenames should reflect the specific keywords you are targeting as should the title tag for each individual page. So if for example you were not lucky enough to own the domain www.weightloss.com you can  improve the SEO of your site by careful file and title tag name selection.

For example if you were optimising for weight loss in Florida the full URL would look like this http://www.<yourdomain.com>/weight-loss-florida/ (weight loss being the file name) and the Title tag might look something like this:

Losing weight has never been this easy. If you life in Florida we can help you with your weight loss just like we have helped thousands of people just like you. Easy step by step guidance from diet and lifestyle consultants in your local area. Make new friends and find a happier healthier you with the team at www.yourdomain.com Start Today FREE membership.

In this title tag I am attempting to add the important elements in around 65 words:-   the website name , the keywords and somethin compelling the user to act.

Finally, when you create title tags for your pages make sure that they are unique, that is you don’t accidentally duplicate the title tags accross other pages which can often happen when your designing webpages when using copy and paste techniques. Additionally, links between pages and links from external websites will be much more valuable if the link contains some text which is included in the title tag.

Research: Do a search on Google using Firefox for some search term that you are interested in. Right click on the page when it opensand select view source which will allow you to see the HTML code behind the page. Take a look through the code and said you can find the title tags and other significant on page SEO components

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SEO – Who Is Your Audience?

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 09-04-2011

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Search engine optimization is most effective when your website is targeted towards the right audience. The most common and appropriate way to define an audience is by demographics. You should ask yourself the age group, the nationality and language of the audience who will be interested in your product or service.

During this process of information gathering regarding the specific demographics of your target audience you should also unearth information regarding the way your target  audience searches for products or services similar to yours. If you search for weight loss programs on the web you may tend to type in “weight loss programs”. On the other hand a significant proportion of your target audience may in fact type “diet tips” so optimising your website for the more common search terms is very important.

Knowing your target market helps you determine where best to promote your products and services. Clearly, if your product is aimed towards students then social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace would be ideal avenues to advertise. Additionally, knowing your target market will define the look and feel you should be aiming for in your website design.

It is almost certain that there will already be competition in your chosen market. You can learn a lot from this competition and you should spend significant time analyzing their approach, their target market, their website design, their keyword use and their advertising strategies. This process will allow you to identify whether there is any space this market and hopefully identify your ideal approach to occupying space or pushing  out the existing players.

Research: Take a look at Google Trends. This resource will allow you to see the trends and the demographics of your chosen keywords.

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