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SEO Page Optimization in Detail – Filenames

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 15-04-2011

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When the search engines send their spiders to your site they pay particular attention to your file names. Every single page in your website has its own file name and this final name is an opportunity to establish a relationship with the search engines. TheĀ  theme this relationship is relevance. You should make sure that before you design or rename a page that you pay a good deal of attention to the topic of the page.

The topic of the page is of course related to the keywords you are optimizing the page for. So, for arguments sake, if you are marketing weight loss programs for people in Florida your keyword phrase would be weight loss florida the filename of your page would be weight-loss-florida.html or weightlossflorida.html

Whether you are using this as a landing page for your PPC marketing or you are trying to improve your organic rankings , provided the actual content of the web page is relevant to weight loss in Florida you have achieved some fundamental and powerful SEO already. You may find it very surprising that some of your competition may well have a landing page called webpage1.html for the same keywords and what this means is that they are behind the eight ball already.

You will notice in the last example there are two options. the major search engines have indicated that hyphens are treated as spaces. Personally, I like hyphens because they make the text more readable, however they should be used in moderation as anything more than three hyphens is generally considered to be a “spammy” URL and this will disadvantage you in the search engine ranking algorithms. Apparently ,most search engines also now treat underscores in a similar fashion so apply the same rules if you use underscores in your filenames. So should you be using hyphens or underscores? Given that it is only a recent move for the search engines to treat underscores in a “similar” fashion to hyphens and given it is difficult to get a definitive answer as to what “similar” means and given that it is generally considered that hyphens make text a little more readable I would recommend you always use hyphens rather than underscores.

Your filenames or URLs should not be excessively long and this is not just because of the impact on search engines but also because to your human visitors a long URL is difficult to remember and looks “spammy”.

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