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Traffic Exchange Perpetual Motion

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO by Request | Posted on 24-03-2011



In my last post I discussed traffic exchange sites and how they are useful to generating traffic to your affiliate site. In this post I would like to share a clever method of using the referral system within these traffic exchange sites to do all the hard work of generating credit for you.

If you took the time to take a look around www.easyhits4u.com I am sure by now you will have understood the principal on which it works. If you have investigated still further you may have seen that there is a referral system in place by which you can generate credits to use on your own advertisements. Basically, if you refer another user to the site and they sign up, you will receive a certain percentage of all the credits earned by the referred user.

It is possible, given enough referrals that she can effectively fund your own advertising campaign simply the points earned as commissions from your referral members. To achieve referral members I use the following strategy.

Join two traffic exchange sites (www.trafficg.com). Design an advertisement on each site with your referral link (this is provided by the traffic exchange site) pointing back to your other traffic exchange site. Over a relatively short period of time this can generate sufficient referral links on both sites to fund your advertising without the necessity for you to pay the credits or to spend considerable time earning credits by clicking on advertisements.

I have used this method with great success in other marketing campaigns. It is simple but effective. You may have to invest a little money or a little effort in the clicking department but it will be worth your while.

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Steve Williams