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Getting Traffic to Your Site

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO by Request | Posted on 24-03-2011



If you haven’t figured it out by now the biggest problem you will face in generating income from your website is traffic generation. We all know this, but nevertheless this is still what most of those will struggle with over coming months. There are of course many ways to drive traffic to your website and many of them have been discussed so far in the printed material and videos available here. For many budding Internet entrepreneurs there are a few legitimate tricks in driving traffic to your site that even some more experienced players are unaware of. Let me show you one that I particularly like.

There are a number of sites on the Internet called traffic exchange sites. Basically these sites are a place where you can advertise your website and users gain points by clicking on your ad which directs them to your website. Once there they have to wait given length of time (usually 20 seconds or so) and then they can move  to the next advertisement and repeat the process. These points can then be redeemed for a advertisements of your own website which subsequently are clicked on by other users wishing to earn points for themselves. And so the cycle goes on. You do have the option to purchase points out right which you can redeem instantly for traffic generating ads.

Some believe, that because these clicks to your website are redirections from the same source IP  they have a dubious benefit for your website ranking. Others suggest that the relatively short length of time that users are running your site also diminishes the value of the visit. While these observations may be correct I believe that the benefit lies elsewhere.

Visit one of these sites (www.easyhits4you.com for example) and take a look around. Join up, (it’s free)and look at the sites that are advertised. Do they look familiar? Many of them affiliate marketing sites. Many of them are budding Internet marketers. More to the point, many  of the site owners will be interested in the affiliate marketing products that you are trying to sell. That is the very nature of the people who frequent traffic exchange sites.

In my next post I will share with you a clever little method of creating a “perpetual motion” link sharing referral system. In the mean time, if you like my Blog please follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

Steve Williams