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SEONukeX – Black Hat SEO or not.

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO by Request | Posted on 09-09-2011

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By strict definition Black Hat SEO  techniques are those activities that are against the guidelines set by the search engines. These guidelines are set to ensure that SERP’s (Search Engine Return Pages) reflect content relevant to the user’s search phrase. Some examples of tactics used to attempt to “fool” the search engines include:-

  • Keyword stuffing – keywords can be provided, among others, in meta tags, alt tags, comment tags, in invisible text to human eyes. By overusing the same keywords throughout a web page  search engines algorithms that reads keywords will drive the web page up in its search result.
  • Doorway and cloaked pages – web sites contain web pages that are listed in search result. However, when entering these pages, users are redirected to other pages. Hence, the search result contents do not match the page displayed to users. E.G  You search for a popular DVD but when you click on a high ranking result a page appears selling you weight control pills. A percentage of people will buy the weight control pills so   leveraging off a popular search term has worked for the sneaky web marketer. Google ( and the other search engines will punish this behavior very severely…if and when they catch you.
  • Link farming – submitting your URL to a website which includes a link directory with a large number of links to other sites with totally unrelated content.
  • Hidden text – hiding text in the page or website is also a black hat SEO technique. It is considered as spam and search engine can ban the website.

None of these tactics are used by SEONukeX which simply uses legitimate SEO techniques such as article submissions, social bookmarking, video sites etc  to increase the number of back-links. There are some grey areas here because SEONukeX uses or relies on tools such as auto registration and auto-submission software in addition to article spinning software. Article spinning software produces many variations of the posted articles and along with auto submission tools  gives the impression of large numbers of independent users posting large numbers of unique documents to many different sites. In theory, this is something that could be done by real human users albeit much slower. The trick is to make the articles different enough and the submission rate slow enough to fool the search engines.

So does this make SEONukeX Black Hat Software?  No, not really but it does fly in the face of the spirit and intention of the Search Algorithm because a large number of back-links is supposed to reflect a broad agreement from the general Internet Community that your site is an authority on the chosen keyword or phrase.  In early SEO history you could stuff your site full of keywords and effectively make a self proclamation of authority but soon enough the major search engines simply stopped counting keyword meta tags as a positive ranking factor ( although stuffing your meta keyword tags will still negatively impact your ranking). The search engines soon realized that external sources should be used as the major ranking factor and furthermore, the actual  ranking of those external pages should also be an important factor. So in essence, it doesn’t matter what you say about yourself its about what people who matter say about you.  SEONukeX makes it easy to give the impression that the links are natural and unique.

SEONukeX is Grey Hat Marketing. It uses acceptable SEO methods but it is not, strictly speaking, playing fair. Google, and the other search engines are aware of this but given that the the methods used are based on genuine SEO strategies, they are somewhat limited in what they can do. They can watch for un-natural numbers of submissions to article directors, social networks and the like and they can put greater restrictions on article sites through tighter duplicate content and linking rules but SEONukeX assists you in these areas but providing excellent article spinning tools and automating submissions so that they are scheduled over a longer period and appear more natural.

In a world where not all is equal some would argue that any tool which puts you back on a level playing field is a good tool. SEONukeX certainly is a good tool and it works best when you have a genuine product or service to sell and your site has good content.

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