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PPC – Landing Pages and why they are Important

Posted by Steve | Posted in Pay Per Click Advertising 101 | Posted on 23-08-2011

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Landing Pages ( the actual page the visitor “lands” on when they click on your Ad) is important for a number of reasons.

1. It impacts the cost of your PPC advertising because its releveance to the search phrase counts in Google’ quality score for your ad and the higher the quality score the less you will pay for your ad.

2. It impacts the buyer and their purchasing decision.

Essentially, Google and the buyer are after the same thing…some assurance that this is what they were looking for when they clocked on an ad for Boston Puppy Training.

The user of course now needs more convincing before he or she will make the purchase. They must be convinced that its the product they want at the price they want and they must want to buy it from your site.  This is all about confidence and your site must generate the required confidence. Furthermore this level of confidence will need to be higher if the product cost is high or the product is not an everyday item. For example, a $20 CD of a current artist is neither a high dollar investment nor a specailist product so it requires a lower confidence level by the visitor. Make the product easy to find, make the site modern and funky looking, make the payment quick and easy to make and the delivery time quick and that’s about all that is required.

However, if the product costs $500 and its something specialized like an accessory for your car then all kinds of doubts can enter the mind of your prospective buyer such as , will it fit? are these guys legitimate? what if I have to send it back? etc etc. A high degree of confidence is required by the user and your site must meet that expectation.

So in effect the landing page must reflect relevance to the search term and it must generate a confidence from the user that matches the investment risk they are going to make if they purchase from you. The reason why we need to achieve this particularly in PPC marketing is because we need to maximize our conversion rate when users click on our Ads.