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Keyword Tag Optimization

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 13-05-2011

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Prior to optimizing your Meta Keyword Tags you should be very clear on what your keywords or keyword phrases that are. This research should have been completed in advance of constructing your web pages. Guidelines for keyword research can be found on other threads on this website.

Keyword tags are no longer a particularly important factor when optimizing your webpage. This is because, historically keywords we often used as a method of attracting traffic regardless the relevance those keywords had to the actual site content. Less than reputable websites would simply stuff Meta keyword tags full of keywords and key phrases to attract the desired traffic so the search engines eventually change their algorithms to reduce the listed importance of Meta keyword tags in the ranking factors will stop

Notwithstanding the above, they have some relevance albeit quite small but they also may have a significance in the future so well constructed Meta Keyword Tags are good general SEO practice. Speaking of good practice, all your pages should have a dozen or so keywords or phrases and should be included in the Meta keyword tag. It is generally a good idea not to repeat keywords on a single page and you should not duplicate the keywords in total to multiple pages in a cut-and-paste fashion as this may impact your rankings due to Google’s duplicate content filters.