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Internet Snake Oil

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO by Request | Posted on 20-08-2011

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Do you remember the old wild West movies when some old codger in a horse-drawn carriage would be spruking the apparent and mystical medical benefits of Snake Oil. This included removing warts, growing hair on a billiard ball and even providing eternal youth.

Recently, I spoke to  business associate who remembers some 30 years ago sending 10 bucks a way  with a voucher from a magazine responding to an ad where he was guarantee that he could cut his bills in half. A week or so later he received an envelope with a small pair of scissors.

These are simple examples of the kinds of scams that go on now and have always gone. There will always be somebody out there offering a solution to make things simple and fix your problems whatever they may be.

Today, one of the most common areas where scammers are trying to separate you from your hard earned money is by offering Killer Internet  moneymaking systems. it is unfortunate, and it would be nice if it was otherwise it quite simply  you take a look closely at any of these offers a simply do not stack up. There is A common theme to all of these Internet moneymaking schemes. That common theme looks something like this.

Here is real proof from my clickbank account that this KILLER SOFTWARE which works completely on autopilot and was written by an amazing teenage boy in the Philippines will make you a six figure income per month using a unique Google exploit software system and you don’t need to know anything about Internet marketing or own a website or have a product to sell. You just turn it on and within the first hour you be making money and well on your way to becoming an Internet marketing millionaire. You will need to get in quick because I am only selling 100 copies of this amazing software for only $49.95 each. Once sold I will sell no more!

Now I have  got say that sounds like a bargain. An investment of only $49.95 at a turning into a millionaire! What I don’t quite understand why someone who is earning a six-figure income per month would bother going to the extent of constructing an elaborate sales campaign only sell 200 copies at $49.95 each sum total of $9,990! after all that’s only three days income for this Internet Guru. Let me ask you this, if you had designed a  six-figure a month income generating machine would you pass off the secrets just  to get a quick 10 grand and possibly open up more competition?

Now this particular model has been used for a few years now with only a few minor revisions.if you do sign up for one of these applications you will usually find a number of upsell is after you make the initial purchase many of which will eventually amount to a few hundred bucks. The upgrades are optional but there is always the suggestion that unless you get all of the upgrades the system won’t be as effective. Now I have to say at this point that even a few hundred bucks is a real bargain if it can provide you with a six-figure a month income. Not surprisingly of course it doesn’t and it won’t and never has done.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some genuine Internet marketing software systems that do work. Do they produce six-figure income  for anyone? Well in some instances they do. The qualifier here is that they are never instant moneymakers they do require a considerable amount of investment of time and money. Anybody using this software to generate significant income more than likely works on the system full-time simply because that is what is required.

Anybody, and I say ANYBODY, who tells you otherwise is making their money by doing exactly that… telling you otherwise and selling you a product that I can pretty much guarantee will not work.

Most of the people selling Killer Systems make their money by selling the Killer systems. They don’t make it by using the Killer Systems! so if you want to make money on the Internet with as little effort as possible then you might want to think about following the lead forget about using the product they try to sell you and SELL IT instead.  Just remember that they have a head start on you and in their own right they are very clever people who were often well networked and quite simply  will chew you up and spit you out.

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