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Optimizing Header Tags

Posted by Steve | Posted in Fast Cash Blog | Posted on 21-05-2011

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HTML header tags are used to indicate the relative importance of a section of text on a webpage. The HTML code on a webpage will preface the text with one of six individual headed tags. The headed tags and named H1 through H6 with H1 carrying the most importance. An example of the H1 Header and text can be seen below.

<H1> Popular Widgets </H1>

When designing your webpage you should follow the general rule of using the most important title on the page using keywords relevant to that page in your H1 title. For example if your webpage is specifically about widgets the H1 tag should be applied to a short section of text at the top of a webpage specifically referring to widgets. You would then continue using headed tags H2 through to H6 to highlight subheadings on that page.

When you consider this strategy within the framework of previous posts on this blog you will see that this is a common thread. Remember that web pages should be all about relevance so the search engine should expect to see the the most prominent title on your page carries the H1 better and reflects the keywords or phrase searched by the user. Other less significant components of the search may be found in the H2 to H6 headers. so for example if you had your H1 title tag containing the text widgets and the H2 tag contained the word silver widgets is a subheading then a Google search for silver widgets would find your page relevance of that search. Of course if you have a webpage entitle silver widgets that relevance would be even more significant but it is not possible in practice to cover every longtail search phrase in this manner.

While header tags are not vitally important the search engine ranking they are nevertheless another component of search engine optimization that you should aim to address not just for the general optimization that you but also because the structure they require also will translate into a logical and well set out website page that your human users will appreciate.

You can easily see how H1 -H6 headed tags are used by visiting any website and selecting page source by right clicking your mouse. This is a good way in general to see the structure of the code behind the website.

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Meta Robot Tags – Are They Still Important?

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 18-05-2011

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Meta robot tags are used as a guide for the search engine spiders to determine whether any links on the page should be followed and whether the page be indexed. Are they still important? Well the short answer that, is that not as much as they were. Today, many Web hosting sites allow the use of a robots.txt file which you upload to your Web directory and this replaces the Meta robots tag with a much more effective set of instructions you can use to control the search engine spiders.

Why would you want to block robots from indexing certain pages on your website? It may be that you have certain pages that you do not want listed by the search engine such as a download page for some information that is not normally accessible to the user. It is not uncommon to have a redirect from your payment portal to a download page will stop by using more advanced controls over the search engine spiders you can ensure that Google for example does not list the URL of this download page. Similarly, you can tell the spiders not to follow certain links on the page.

These search engines have their own specific robots and they do not necessarily all respond to the same range of controls. However, given that Google is by far the most common search engine it would seem most sensible to least include the Meta robots tag specifically for the Googlebot.

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Keyword Tag Optimization

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 13-05-2011

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Prior to optimizing your Meta Keyword Tags you should be very clear on what your keywords or keyword phrases that are. This research should have been completed in advance of constructing your web pages. Guidelines for keyword research can be found on other threads on this website.

Keyword tags are no longer a particularly important factor when optimizing your webpage. This is because, historically keywords we often used as a method of attracting traffic regardless the relevance those keywords had to the actual site content. Less than reputable websites would simply stuff Meta keyword tags full of keywords and key phrases to attract the desired traffic so the search engines eventually change their algorithms to reduce the listed importance of Meta keyword tags in the ranking factors will stop

Notwithstanding the above, they have some relevance albeit quite small but they also may have a significance in the future so well constructed Meta Keyword Tags are good general SEO practice. Speaking of good practice, all your pages should have a dozen or so keywords or phrases and should be included in the Meta keyword tag. It is generally a good idea not to repeat keywords on a single page and you should not duplicate the keywords in total to multiple pages in a cut-and-paste fashion as this may impact your rankings due to Google’s duplicate content filters.


Fast Cash Club – Why You Are Here?

Posted by Steve | Posted in Fast Cash Blog | Posted on 16-04-2011



I am guessing ( but it’s an educated guess) that are here because  you want the same thing as I do  – control over your life.

Once, I had no controll over my life … at least not any real control. Sure, I had a well paid job and a career but once I made the move from having a Boss to being my own Boss I realised that the two are worlds apart.

Don’t get me wrong, being your own boss can be hard work but it is the most rewarding experience you will ever have. That is because it taps into a the fundamentals of human motivation – self determination. Once you have tasted the reward for effort only really available to the self employed you will never want to go back.

In 1999 as a management consultant I earned $295k in sales and commissions. I earned more that 10 times that for my Boss. I worked 14 hour days and many weekends and I had 20 days holiday each year. You know, that was a pretty good living as jobs go… but there was one thing missing … control. One day my boss came to me and told me that he was selling his business to the competition. He told me that he was paying me out as the new company had no place for me. I was blown away. I was the most successful sales consultant so I couldnt understand why they were not interested in employing me. I still don’t understand it today … but I am glad it happened because I was so taken back by the uncertainty of my job and life in general, that I vowed to change the odds in my favour and take control of my life!

Today, I am my own boss. I work because I like to and don’t work when I don’t want to. My work is rewarding because I am in control and everything I do benefits me and those I choose to take with me such as my family and the many friends and associates I have met on my journey. I have many more holidays, a much higher income and a sense of achievment I never got out of working for a boss. It is a wonderful position to be in.

My advice to anyone who wants a similar life is to start now. Start building your business on the internet while in a day job if you have to but start now while there is so much potential for growth.

Every day of the year millions of new internet users come on line looking for some kind of experience. These are millions of new opportunities every day for you to provide an experince and build an income for your self so don’t wait. Tke a look at the fast cash series below and alos take a look around the rest of my blogs. I post here every few day with information aimed at Internet Marketing newbies.

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Introducing Key Word Generation.

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 11-04-2011

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Keyword generation is without doubt the most important component of search engine optimization. Essentially, your entire website should be structured around the keywords that you choose. This includes page titles, image alt text, page descriptions and of course page content. Regardless of your promotion methods keywords will be the very foundation on which your campaigns are built.

So where do you start? You start by making a decision on what keywords you want to rank optimization for and of course, those should be the ones with the best potential to bring new traffic. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you select the keywords with the greatest traffic. You you first decide how competitive the market is and your capacity to compete and then you decide whether you concentrate on head or tail terms. Head terms refers to short keywords such as “weight loss” whereas tail terms typically have three or more words such as “weight loss in New Jersey”. Typically, head terms have a very high search volume and very high competition whereas tail terms have a lower search volume and lower competition.

Keyword generation takes a lot of research but it is a very important step in the process. There are numerous free tools available are listed below are the ones you should take a look at:

  • keyword spy
  • Key Complete
  • compete.com
  • SEM Rush
  • Word Tracker
  • Google keyword suggestion tool
  • keyword Discovery

These are free tools and if you are on a limited budget and have enough time to invest in learning the various tools that I would highly recommend investing the time required to learn and understand these on line tools. However, there is another alternative which combines all of these resources in a single application thus reducing the learning curve dramatically in providing the information in one central location. Take a look at  Market Samurai which is a software download comprising most of the applications in one single software package. The link will take you to a video presentation and there is a free trial version available for you to test.

In the next post we will discuss how best to apply the keywords you have discovered during this process and how to make sure that your website is optimized for those keywords. This is a process that many web designers get wrong. I don’t know how many pages I have seen that do not include for example, the keyword in the page title. This is just about the easiest SEO you can possibly do but it is so frequently neglected.

Research: Take a look at the recommended keyword tools and also the link to Market Samurai

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Funding Your New Web Site

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 09-04-2011

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Now that you have decided on the topic your website and you have found your target audience or demographic you will have an idea of what your website should look like.At this point you need to make a decision whether you outsource website creation or do it yourself. This can be very daunting step for some so it really depends on whether you have a budget for website creation.

If we look at the steps involved in getting a website up you may be able to make a clearer decision on whether you have the funds to outsource this process or whether you will have to do some crash courses on website construction. The following is required to establish a web presence.

  • A domain name.
  • Hosting account
  • A Website

A Domain Name can be registered with your hosting service and this is by far the simplest way to achieve this because you will avoid having to transfer domains to your chosen host if you make the mistake of registering the domain name elsewhere to save a few dollars. Some of the most popular hosting options include Hostgator, Just Host and GoDaddy.  Hosting will cost somewhere in the order of $75 per annum including the initial domain registration.

Website Construction can be professionally outsourced for under $1000. If this seems too expensive then you may wish to consider purchasing a product like Serif’s Webplus which is a graphical-based application which allows the development of a website by relative novices. This product by comparison will cost you less than $100 and with some additional study and some free SEO applications will allow you to produce a very professional and optimized website with the added advantage that you can change at any time you like and not have to pay ongoing development fees.

There are a few schools of thought regarding outsourcing versus self development of your website. I can certainly appreciate the advantages to a competent Internet Marketer with a clear understanding of SEO and social networking opting for the outsourcing solution to quickly and professionally produced an income generating website. However, in my experience there are many advantages to be gained in terms of knowledge and experience for the inexperienced Internet Marketer in developing their own website using some of these wonderful new tools.

While you are deliberating over funding your new website I strongly suggest that you take the time and progress to the next post where I will discuss keyword generation using some free Google tools.

Research: Take a look at Serif’s Web Plus X4 site development software.

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SEO – Who Is Your Audience?

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 09-04-2011

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Search engine optimization is most effective when your website is targeted towards the right audience. The most common and appropriate way to define an audience is by demographics. You should ask yourself the age group, the nationality and language of the audience who will be interested in your product or service.

During this process of information gathering regarding the specific demographics of your target audience you should also unearth information regarding the way your target  audience searches for products or services similar to yours. If you search for weight loss programs on the web you may tend to type in “weight loss programs”. On the other hand a significant proportion of your target audience may in fact type “diet tips” so optimising your website for the more common search terms is very important.

Knowing your target market helps you determine where best to promote your products and services. Clearly, if your product is aimed towards students then social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace would be ideal avenues to advertise. Additionally, knowing your target market will define the look and feel you should be aiming for in your website design.

It is almost certain that there will already be competition in your chosen market. You can learn a lot from this competition and you should spend significant time analyzing their approach, their target market, their website design, their keyword use and their advertising strategies. This process will allow you to identify whether there is any space this market and hopefully identify your ideal approach to occupying space or pushing  out the existing players.

Research: Take a look at Google Trends. This resource will allow you to see the trends and the demographics of your chosen keywords.

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Choosing a Theme for Your Website

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 08-04-2011

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It is fitting that this new blog series starts at the absolute beginning. I make the assumption here that the reader is commencing with a brand-new website. Therefore the first step in the process of building a successful website is to choose the theme or topic of the website.

The theme for topic of your website will have a very significant effect on the results you achieve as we move through the search engine optimization process in later posts. This is because if you choose a very competitive website theme the process will be much more difficult indeed. You probably know already which website topics are competitive and unless you are in for the long haul you may as well a void those topics entirely. However, if you are hellbent on competing against other websites in the weight loss, prescription medicine or fitness markets for example then your best approach would be to localize the theme of your website and perhaps concentrate on ranking on  keyword phrases such as “Miami fitness” or “New Jersey weight loss”.  Your  object here is to reduce the competition that you will face on most of the general search turns which can be extremely difficult to rank for by making the search term more specific and less competitive.

Localizing the keywords associated with your site will remove some of those search engine ranking factors like domain age and inbound link value that long established competing sites will have.

Research: Start using Google’s Adwords Tool and learn more about keywords and keyword competition. 

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