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Whats in a Name? Choosing Your Domain Name

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO by Request | Posted on 12-09-2011

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Now most of us are not building websites with some corporate vision in mind. I say this because to some degree Google are sending out messages through people like Matt Cutts (who I quite like by the way) that perhaps website developers should be considering non keyword domain names. They argue that perhaps your aim should be to have the product associated with your branding much in the same way that we don’t search the web we Google it.

Well, I am here to say that most of us cannot aspire to such dizzy heights and we should probably be looking very closely at securing a keyword focussed domain because they are the easiest to market. I have to say at this point that it is a whole lot harder than it used to be simply because all the best domain names are taken up by various sources.  I say various sources because they could be in use or purchased to park (as an investment) or simply being used in a very inneffectual way. The unavailablity of good domain names partially explains the  increasing focus on long tail keywords for whicg a domain can be purchased and for which the competition is less intense.

However, don’t write off the domain immediately because there may just be another way of securing that ideal domain name for your product or service. If the domain name is taken you can still register your interest should the site not be renewed. You can make the owner of an active site with little or no activity or relevance an offer to purchase the domain. Take a look at this site which will allow you to search for domains, show you available domains for normal registration and also ones for purchase in addition to domains you can pre register for should they become available.     http://www.domainsbot.com

It is clear that there are significant marketing advantages to be gained by having  a keyword domain name so do you research and find something relevant.