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SEO – The Sniper Approach

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO Software | Posted on 15-03-2011

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While it is certainly true that search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex science there are some fundamental and a very effective methods of ensuring a page 1 Google ranking. Unfortunately, there are a great number of people who know this method and have already capitalized on many of the easier targets.

Currently, and this may change, the most effective to elements of high page rank in on Google are an exact or close match domain name and quality number of your back links. Let’s look at these two elements a little closer.

An exact domain match is simply a domain that exactly matches the search phrase entered by the individual searching on Google. For example, if I was to type in the search phrase online calendar then a domain (registered and indexed of course) called  www.onlinecalendar.com would rank very highly possibly even number one in a very short time.  This exact match approach has been used successfully for many years. So much so that Internet marketers are now having to concentrate on less productive but more numerous niche sites. Niche site marketing employs what is termed longtail keywords. An example of long-tail keywords might be “Internet marketing consultant in Florida”. A website named  www.Internet-Marketing-consultant-in-Florida.com” (notwithstanding the fact that it may look a little “spammy to Google” would have a head start over a less exact Google search.

Quality back links are HTML links back to your site from other sites with a reasonable page rank (3 or more but the higher the better). Google likes these links because, as far as Google is concerned,  the rankings are a popularity contest. Links back to your site from other well ranked sites, particularly on a subject related to your site, suggests that your web page is an authority on the chosen subject.

In my experience, and that extends to a working knowledge of a dozen or so number-one ranking websites, position 1 rankings can be achieved more easily with exact match domain names than the relatively time-consuming process of generating quality back links.

So what does this mean for your website? It means that if you are about to register a new domain you should think very carefully about the name and register one based on the most common search terms your intended market will use. Get an exact match domain if possible.

This is of course a very simplified look at SEO but it is a fundamental aspect almost always missed by the budding Internet marketing entrepreneur.

Steve Williams

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