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Productivity Tools-The Blogger’s Best Friend

Posted by Steve | Posted in Article Marketing | Posted on 25-03-2011

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I must admit I spend a lot of time writing. Traffic Infuser is a new project  for me but it is not my only project. I have a number of more traditional websites selling my own products and I have  business selling B2B hardware and software. All of these enterprizes take up a significant amount of time writing documents, procedure manuals, e-books and general correspondence and communication.

While I am a reasonable typist I simply could not keep up with the volume of work if I didn’t use some very clever tools. Specifically, the tool I have found to be the most valuable is the speech recognition program Dragon Naturally Speaking.

When I first tried speech recognition software it was a dismal failure. I abandoned the thought of using voice recognition software because of my earlier experiences. Some 18 months ago I invested $250 and made the jump to Dragon Naturally Speaking and I have not looked back. Once you have installed the product and gone through the training (which only takes 10 min or so) the product is instantly responsive and very accurate.

While it is true that you do have to do take a little care in the way that you enunciate, you soon get used to this and rapidly find that the accuracy improves to the point where you are dictating at 2 to 3 times the speed that you could type. Add in the fact that typographical errors are virtually eliminated and you end up with an extremely efficient method of producing written documents for use in blogs, on your e-zines sites or if you so wish in your general correspondence.

Dragon Naturally Speaking also allows you to navigate around the Windows desktop, insert macro controls and open applications with a single word or phrase. When you familiar with the product all these actions become second nature. In a very short time you will achieve a high degree of competency using the product and the benefits are not limited to improved typing speed but there are also side benefits such as a general improvement in the clarity of your speech, which is necessary to get the best out of the product but simply occurs as a function of using it.

Other benefits include the tendency for your thoughts to become more structured and your sentences to become better constructed. One last but very significant benefit is the reduction of strain on your hands, wrists and shoulders gained by virtue of the fact that you no longer type anywhere in you is much used to.

Dragon Naturally Speaking can also be used with a Dictaphone and there are many of these available as free apps on your i Phone .Currently, I use a free Dragon Naturally Speaking i-Phone application to dictate and e-mail my thoughts while traveling in the car. I can then easily transfer the information into written documents at a later date. Again, this makes my time in the car very productive time indeed.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a copy today. I am confident like me, that you will not look back.


Steve Williams

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