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Article Spinners – Do They Work?

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO by Request | Posted on 05-04-2011

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Article spinning is the process of taking a single document and replacing single words, sentences and paragraphs with a number of alternative word choices. The purpose of article spinning is to quickly and adequately change the content of the document to fill the search engines into thinking that they are different documents and thereby increase the number of links from these documents sources back to your site.

Article spinning can be used as a way of quickly rewriting your documents for posting on multiple E-zine sites while reducing the risk that they will be seen as duplicate content by the search engines or in fact the E-zine sites themselves given the recent changes to their content rules in the wake of the last Google slap.

Opinions on the effectiveness of article spinning is varied and that’s because the results are varied. In my experience, the success of article spinning very much depends on your chosen keywords, the competition in that market, the sites that your article spinning software posts your new articles and your expectation of how high a Google ranking you may choose using only article spinning.

Article spinning will be most successful when:

  1. The content of your spun articles is at least 20% different to the original and the title of the article is changed.
  2. The page ranks of the sites used by your article spinning software have at least a 2 or 3 ranking.
  3. Your articles follow normal SEO strategies such as anchor text relevance, landing page relevance and keyword placement.

My expectation when I use article spinning is that I will quickly elevate a web page from relative obscurity to as high as the keyword relevance and the existing competition will allow. From there I would expect to have to us use more standard SEO practices such as creating back links from high page rank sites, improving site content as much as possible, using social media sites etc etc.

There are quite a number of article spinning programs available. Having tested a number of article spinning programs I had mixed results. The best performer was SEO LINKVINE which is quite easy to set up, had reasonable training resources and clearly made an impact to my website ranking everytime I published an article.

I you choose to use article spinning software to produce multiple documents for posting to  E-zines sites I would tend to rewrite the content very significantly, perhaps 40 or 50% to ensure, given how sensitive they are at the moment following the recent Google slap, that the articles are not seen as duplicate content. Personally, I know this process to be effective as I have multiple spun documents across five or six e-zines sites all of which are derived from the same document, with different author names and different titles. These spun documents, provide six quality back links to my chosen website with a long this effort than if I had written six individual articles.

In summary, article spinning has its place but don’t expect to much and as in all things, a reasonable amount of effort is required.

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