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SEO Reports – Why The Results Look So Bad

Designing a good looking website is not something that anyone can do. It take a special skill and a degree of artist ability which escapes most of us… it certainly escapes me anyway!

All visual design work is an artistic process and artists have a particular way of looking at the word and an intimate understand of size and colors and proportion and … well in a nutshell they just know what looks right! Unfortunately, this artistic approach seems to be at odds with the other very necessary skills in designing effective web pages. SEO  skills are all about logic and process and math and formula and results and they are skills rarely held by artistic types… thats just the way things go.

Too often, web sites are designed by artists and not by SEO experts. I  would rather have an OK looking site with good SEO than a funky site with bad SEO. Anyone who understands the importance of SEO would agree but unfortunately web designers and web site owners often do not and as a consequence they wonder why their organic listings are poor.

I currently have a fiverr.com gig where I provide an SEO report for 5 bucks. The results are an eye opener for the owners if those websites. I can tell just looking at the HTML source before I even run my diagnostic software that the site will be poorly optimized. Often even the most basic SEO is missing… Page Titles called Page32 for example or no Meta Keyword data, no alt image text and the list goes on.

What this al means is that the web site has been designed from an artistic perceptive with little or no consideration for good SEO. Increasingly, this will become important as Google et al  change their search algorithms to punish poor on site SEO and reward inbound  relevance. It is clear where it is all heading so those ” in the know”  are  concentrating on on-page SEO, good content and quality  and relevant)  inbound links

My recommendation for all website owners with poor organic ranking is to get an SEO report for your target keywords and  make the changes to your website. This will be money well invested.

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