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SEO and Proxies

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO by Request | Posted on 12-09-2011

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Proxies are primarily used to disguise your IP Address which begs the question…Why would you want to disguise your IP Address?

Well, the main reason is because you are doing something that someone may take exception to whether that is Google or the recipient of some of your unsolicited emails.

Internet Marketers using Black Hat or Grey Hat SEO techniques are often stretching the friendship and posting greater numbers of messages, comments, blog posts, social network links, atricle submissions sending emails etc that is humanly possible by using SEO Software tools. Proxies can disguise the source of these so you can fly under the radar.

While we do not necessarily condone the use of Black Hat or Grey Hat SEO Software it is fairly well accepted that you will have to get yourself some decent proxy lists if you want to use your SEO Software to best effect. This is where the game gets a little trickier. You see every Internet Marketer and his dog are using the free proxies out there and many of them are guilty of some pretty serious spamming. The net result of this is that these proxies are very quickly banned by the Internet Community at Large who utilize either public domain banned proxy lists.

Now this is not to say that you can’t use free proxies. New proxies are constantly being released and are perfectly good if you get them early. So the trick is to get fresh proxies all the time. What you need to do this is a tool like Proxy Goblin which is designed to automate the process of locating fresh proxies and outputting the list to a .txt file which you can import into other applications.

There is another alternative to this and it is paid private proxies. You can purchase private proxies for a monthly fee from Squid Proxies and this will absolutely guarantee that you are not sharing a proxy with some less than desirable Internet Marketers. Your proxy IP’s Change on monthly renewal which is a good feature do if your Marketing is White Hat or perhaps Grey Hat and you just don’t want to go through the drama of renewing proxies all the time then this option may be for you.


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