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Planning and Implementing your PPC Campaign

Posted by Steve | Posted in Pay Per Click Advertising 101 | Posted on 22-08-2011

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It is important to curb your initial enthusiasm if PPC is new to you. So don’t setup a PPC campaign without thinking about it and planning your approach itherwise you will fail.

Start by gathering information using the guidelines below.

1. Know your product.

Take an inventory of the product and/or services that you have to offer (before anything else).

2. Stay within the budget.

Determine your daily or monthly budget; and stay with it. This means keeping your budget in mind, avoiding bidding wars if possible.

3. Bid just right.

Know how to bid right – a bid that is too high can exhaust all of your money, while a bid that is too low can make you lose that spot.

4. Watch the bottom line.

Measure your profit margin against your spending or expenses. Know when to stop and terminate your PPC program – if you spend more on advertising but have little or no sales at all.

5. Find the right keywords.

Decide which keyword phrases to opt and bid for. Do some keyword research, either by actually looking at existing search terms or with the use of online keyword suggestion tools, to know which terms are mostly used when searching for items that are related to your business. Focus on specific keywords, not on general ones.

6. Write effective ads.

A good PPC ad is that which can persuade and move a searcher. The basic copy of your ad should include:

  • Identify the “pain”
  • Offer a Solution
  • Call to Action (“Click here”)

Here is an example ( remember, that with Gogle Ads you only get 3 lines.

Boston Puppy Training This line identifies the Pain and also includes a long tail keyword

5 Day Obedience School This is the solution – get some Obedience training

Book online Today This is the Call to Action



7. Maintain a professional-looking site.

Your web content should be regularly updated and checked for spelling and grammatical errors. There should be no broken links or images. The website should be simple – designed in such a way that it will be easy for visitors to navigate and load. Include contact details to create a good impression among potential customers.

8. Split Test

Write two ads and measure the effectivenes of each After a week or so dithc the one with the worst results and write another one. After a week ditch the least effective and write another one and so on and so on. This way you will continue to imporve the ad effectiveness using real time statistics.



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