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Optimizing Your Description Tags

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 09-05-2011



Meta Description Tags are a brief description of the content of your web page. Many will argue that Meta Description Tags are not as important as they once were. While it is true that their impact on your search engine ranking is not as important as it once was they do give you the opportunity to clearly display information regarding your page content. Displaying a summary of your page content is part of your general web page marketing strategy.

Your Meta Description Tags will appear below the page title tag in the Google search results for your keywords. This is the first opportunity you have to entice your potential visitor to click on your link so you will need to make sure that the description tags have some compelling information about your website.

It should be noted here that it is not a good idea to over use keywords in your Meta Description Tags. This old tactic no longer works and a keyword density of more than about 8% will more than likely cause the search engines to penalize you as they will see this as “keyword stuffing”.

It is important to ensure that each of your pages has a  Meta Description Tag relevant to the page content. If you use the same Meta Description Tags across all your pages this has the potential to be seen as duplicate content by the search engines. Duplicate content filters employed by the major search engines will use description tags as one of the indicators to determine whether your web page is original or whether the content is identical to another source. If your web page is determined to be a duplicate of another it is possible that only the page with the higher page rank will be listed by the search engine.

It should be noted in that Meta Description Tags are not used by all search engines. The exact make up of Google’s ranking algorithms are unknown to those outside the Google organization however, we do know that Google generates its own description of your web page based on content and may well use your Meta description tags elsewhere in its ranking system.

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