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More Effective Google Ads

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO by Request | Posted on 28-03-2011

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In a recent post I discussed the structure of the Google ads. The structure is extremely important if you want it to be effective.. In a nutshell, Google ads must be relevant to the search term entered by the user, direct the user to an appropriate landing page and have some “Call to Action”. If you satisfy all of these requirements your advertisement should be effective.

However,  after you have crafted an effective advertisement you should not stop there. You can never really know the potential effectiveness of your advertising campaign until you have completed some A.B. testing.

A.B. testing is the process of comparing one thing to another in a live environment. Using  A.B. testing in your Google ads is quite simple. Once you have instructed your main ad, make a variation to the title, the body and the call to action and run these advertisements head-to-head using the same target demographics. Once you have completed these steps you can you use your Google Adwords account to monitor the results.

At this stage, the most important results is the ad click through rate. This is a reasonable measure of the effectiveness of the ad in getting people to click on it and visit this site. If you see that one advertisement has a better click through rate than the other then what you should do is ditch the first and then write another. The third and can now be a be tested against the second ad. This process is continued for as long as you like to continue to improve the effectiveness of the ad. (If your first advertisement is more effective that your second, keep the first and write the third ad).

You can also use A B testing to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns in various demographics. When you are doing this you may need to consider the cost per click if for example comparing the effectiveness of your ad words in the US against Europe.

In summary, A B testing can lift the click through rate of your advertisements very significantly and teach you an enormous amount about the effectiveness of an ad campaign. The information and experience you gain during this process will allow you to write much more effective advertisements first off saving you a lot of time and effort.

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