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Meta Robot Tags – Are They Still Important?

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 18-05-2011

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Meta robot tags are used as a guide for the search engine spiders to determine whether any links on the page should be followed and whether the page be indexed. Are they still important? Well the short answer that, is that not as much as they were. Today, many Web hosting sites allow the use of a robots.txt file which you upload to your Web directory and this replaces the Meta robots tag with a much more effective set of instructions you can use to control the search engine spiders.

Why would you want to block robots from indexing certain pages on your website? It may be that you have certain pages that you do not want listed by the search engine such as a download page for some information that is not normally accessible to the user. It is not uncommon to have a redirect from your payment portal to a download page will stop by using more advanced controls over the search engine spiders you can ensure that Google for example does not list the URL of this download page. Similarly, you can tell the spiders not to follow certain links on the page.

These search engines have their own specific robots and they do not necessarily all respond to the same range of controls. However, given that Google is by far the most common search engine it would seem most sensible to least include the Meta robots tag specifically for the Googlebot.

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