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Funding Your New Web Site

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 09-04-2011

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Now that you have decided on the topic your website and you have found your target audience or demographic you will have an idea of what your website should look like.At this point you need to make a decision whether you outsource website creation or do it yourself. This can be very daunting step for some so it really depends on whether you have a budget for website creation.

If we look at the steps involved in getting a website up you may be able to make a clearer decision on whether you have the funds to outsource this process or whether you will have to do some crash courses on website construction. The following is required to establish a web presence.

  • A domain name.
  • Hosting account
  • A Website

A Domain Name can be registered with your hosting service and this is by far the simplest way to achieve this because you will avoid having to transfer domains to your chosen host if you make the mistake of registering the domain name elsewhere to save a few dollars. Some of the most popular hosting options include Hostgator, Just Host and GoDaddy.  Hosting will cost somewhere in the order of $75 per annum including the initial domain registration.

Website Construction can be professionally outsourced for under $1000. If this seems too expensive then you may wish to consider purchasing a product like Serif’s Webplus which is a graphical-based application which allows the development of a website by relative novices. This product by comparison will cost you less than $100 and with some additional study and some free SEO applications will allow you to produce a very professional and optimized website with the added advantage that you can change at any time you like and not have to pay ongoing development fees.

There are a few schools of thought regarding outsourcing versus self development of your website. I can certainly appreciate the advantages to a competent Internet Marketer with a clear understanding of SEO and social networking opting for the outsourcing solution to quickly and professionally produced an income generating website. However, in my experience there are many advantages to be gained in terms of knowledge and experience for the inexperienced Internet Marketer in developing their own website using some of these wonderful new tools.

While you are deliberating over funding your new website I strongly suggest that you take the time and progress to the next post where I will discuss keyword generation using some free Google tools.

Research: Take a look at Serif’s Web Plus X4 site development software.

Next Post: Key Word Generation and Research

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