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Domain Hosting for Internet Marketers

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO by Request | Posted on 12-09-2011



Choosing a web hosting package is a little different for Internet Marketers. We come from a different perspective in that many of us have multiple sites which we will want to host under the same account as this saves us money ( only one account fee) and time (only one account to maintain.

So aside from price what other considerations are there is selecting a website host?

  • Security – Site security is particularly important if you will be hosting an eCommerce site.
  • Speed – Don’t make your potential customers wait. Does the hosting company have upgrade options if additional bandwidth fo rthe site is required.
  • Space – How much space is available on the accountand how does that fit in with the present an future requirement of your sites.
  • Email Capabilities – How many email accounts are provided and what email features are on offer
  • Reports – How useful are the website stats? Good reporting may save you the cost of 3rd party traffic analytic software.
  • Reliability –  What is their uptime? 99% sounds good but that’s nearly 4 full days a year they will be offline.
  • Support – How does their support work? Email support is fine if they are responsive to requests.
  • Extra Bonuses – What extras are they throwing in. $75 Free Google advertising is good value if you are a PPC newbie.

Take a look at a typical matrix of Web Hosts services and Monthly Pricing-


Sample Hosting Comparison















This is a fair representation of the pricing and features for all of these web hosting services but what they don’t tell you is what is not included in the deal. This all happens when you sign up. They will make a few offers during the process and many of them you should probably take up. These may include-

  • Domain privacy which hides the domain owner (you) from the rest of the world.
  • SSL Certificate which you will almost certainly need if you want to take money online.
  • Backup services which protects you data. Not a bad idea if you are not savvy enough to do it yourself.
  • Unique IP. Again, not a bad idea if you want to look like your website is unique rather than sharing an IP with dozens of others.
  • Faster servers. Depending on the speed of the basic package you may want this.
  • Longer domain name registration. You may have got the first year free but the offer to renew for a longer period up front will cost you.

Now its difficult to know what the cost of these services are until you start the registration process so the few dollars a month you save by selecting the cheapest provider in the sample matrix may dissapear if their upgrade options are more expensive.

Sounds like a real dilema doesn’t it? Well my approach is this. If you are serious about Internet Marketing you really can’t go that wrong with any of the top 5. Just Google Web Hosting top 10, check out who consistently makes the top 5 and pick one. Chances are when you really analyze it they will all be within a whisker of each other. You will probably end up paying between $75 and $100 per year will a few extras regardless of who you pick and in the overall scheme of things that should be a relatively small cost in your online business.

Remember  – Procrastination is the thief of time


Steve Williams



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