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Choosing a Theme for Your Website

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO - From Scratch | Posted on 08-04-2011

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It is fitting that this new blog series starts at the absolute beginning. I make the assumption here that the reader is commencing with a brand-new website. Therefore the first step in the process of building a successful website is to choose the theme or topic of the website.

The theme for topic of your website will have a very significant effect on the results you achieve as we move through the search engine optimization process in later posts. This is because if you choose a very competitive website theme the process will be much more difficult indeed. You probably know already which website topics are competitive and unless you are in for the long haul you may as well a void those topics entirely. However, if you are hellbent on competing against other websites in the weight loss, prescription medicine or fitness markets for example then your best approach would be to localize the theme of your website and perhaps concentrate on ranking on  keyword phrases such as “Miami fitness” or “New Jersey weight loss”.  Your  object here is to reduce the competition that you will face on most of the general search turns which can be extremely difficult to rank for by making the search term more specific and less competitive.

Localizing the keywords associated with your site will remove some of those search engine ranking factors like domain age and inbound link value that long established competing sites will have.

Research: Start using Google’s Adwords Tool and learn more about keywords and keyword competition. 

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