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Social Media Optimisation

Posted by Steve | Posted in Social Media and SEO | Posted on 04-04-2011

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Social media optimisation or SMO involves participating on a number of social media sites with a view to generating traffic. There are many social media websites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, you Tube and of course social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and LinkedIn.

SMO is now considered by many as the “New SEO”  because SMO is now considered a very powerful method of generating considerable number of back links to your website. As we all know back links to your website are what it’s all about because this leads to improved organic rankings in Google and the other search engines.

Facebook is currently one of the  preferred medium for generating traffic to websites. There is a misconception that Facebook is the realm of teenagers and students. While that was certainly true in the early days Facebook is an increasingly important service used by businesses of all shapes and sizes to  get their messages out there. Facebook gives you the option of creating fan pages to promote your business and through these pages you can interact with your fans responding to comments in addition to other social media links contained on pages.

Twitter’s popularity has also dramatically increased over the last 12 months. In particular, Twitter incorporates a real time search engine which is dynamically updated every few days in many instances. This makes Twitter much more responsive to changes and additions made for referred to in your tweets. The most popular way of increasing the power of Twitter is simply to increase the amount of people who follow your tweets.

Video sharing sites such as Youtube allow you to create videos to promote your product or service. The most effective videos contain something comical, creative or unique. Some of the most popular videos on YouTube relate to something outrageous or embarrassing and can often lead to a cult following.

All these social media alternatives basically rely on one thing – volume of views. Volume of views will mean more links to your website’s , increased relevance of your website and eventually increased sales.

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