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URL Scrapers – Why You Should Use One

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO Software | Posted on 12-09-2011


A Url scraper is a software tool designed to “scrape”  URLS from the major searhc engines based on a keyword or phrase. The software will then export these urls to a txt file.

Now this in itself is not all that useful but what if you could filter the results to show only blog posts, or wordpress sites or .edu sites?

What if you could de-duplicate urls, sort and exclude by page rank for example?  This might end up giving us a pretty good targeted list which we could use for commenting and getting links from high PR sites or identify forums or social bookmarking sites or blog URL’s which we could incorporate into our other SEO software such as SENukeX.

Well this is what a good URL Scraper can do for you and more. Getting the most out of your SEO campaigns is often about using the best tools and getting the edge on other guys who don’t go that extra mile. This means getting the best document spinner, getting the fresh proxy lists and using the best submission software you can find.

My preferred product is Scrapebox. A little expensive at $97 but its a once off cost and worth the money. Its also the recommended product by the team at SENukeX.


Steve Williams



Document Spinning – Tips and Tricks

Posted by Steve | Posted in Article Marketing, SEO by Request, SEO Software | Posted on 09-09-2011



Document spinning software is designed to turn a single document into multiple variations using synonym replacement techniques.

The purpose of this is to enable users to publish copies of their articles on multiple ezine or blog sites for example, whilst avoiding Google’s multiple content filters.  Google’s duplicate content filters will discount duplicate articles from sites with the lower page rank. This of course means that 2o identical documents on 20 ezine sites will only bring you one link to your site. To avoid this your documents have to be sufficiently different.  The magic figure (at the moment) is about 30% different in content.

There is some excellent software available to assist you with this process but it does require that you revise the way in which you word you documents. Keep them in very plain english and construct simple sentences. The more you practice this the more natural it will become.

Lets look at a few examples.

Example 1: Here is an overly complex sentence with overly complex words.

Weight reduction is a difficult task made even harder buy our propensity for high calorific value food.

This is the text is spun form. Note the {Original Word|Variant1|Variant2|Variant3} format – this is the spinning language.

{Weight|Excess weight|Bodyweight|Fat} reduction is a {difficult|challenging|tough|hard} {task|job|process|activity} {made|produced|created|manufactured} even {harder|tougher|more difficult|more challenging} {buy|purchase|acquire|get} our propensity for {high|substantial|higher|large} calorific {value|worth|appeal|price} {food|meals|foods}.

These are three of the possible results.

Excess weight reduction is a challenging task created even more challenging get our propensity for large calorific price meals.

Weight reduction is a hard process made even more difficult get our propensity for high calorific price food.

Fat reduction is a challenging task produced even tougher purchase our propensity for higher calorific price food.

As you can see, the variations are not really acceptable.

Example 2: The same meaning but in a simpler form

Losing weight is hard to do because we all like high calorie food.

Again, here is the spun document-

{Losing|Dropping|Shedding} {weight|excess weight|bodyweight|fat} is {hard|difficult|tough|challenging} to do {because|simply because|since|due to the fact} we all like {high|substantial|higher|large} calorie {food|meals|foods}.

Here are three possible results

Shedding weight is tough to do due to the fact we all like large calorie food.

Dropping bodyweight is hard to do due to the fact we all like large calorie foods.

Dropping excess weight is difficult to do due to the fact we all like high calorie foods.

Clearly, all three of these variations make sense.

In summary, document spinning software is a very valuable tool in the Internet Marketers arsenal but in order to get the most out of it you do have to modify your writing style somewhat.







SEO – The Sniper Approach

Posted by Steve | Posted in SEO Software | Posted on 15-03-2011

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While it is certainly true that search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex science there are some fundamental and a very effective methods of ensuring a page 1 Google ranking. Unfortunately, there are a great number of people who know this method and have already capitalized on many of the easier targets.

Currently, and this may change, the most effective to elements of high page rank in on Google are an exact or close match domain name and quality number of your back links. Let’s look at these two elements a little closer.

An exact domain match is simply a domain that exactly matches the search phrase entered by the individual searching on Google. For example, if I was to type in the search phrase online calendar then a domain (registered and indexed of course) called  www.onlinecalendar.com would rank very highly possibly even number one in a very short time.  This exact match approach has been used successfully for many years. So much so that Internet marketers are now having to concentrate on less productive but more numerous niche sites. Niche site marketing employs what is termed longtail keywords. An example of long-tail keywords might be “Internet marketing consultant in Florida”. A website named  www.Internet-Marketing-consultant-in-Florida.com” (notwithstanding the fact that it may look a little “spammy to Google” would have a head start over a less exact Google search.

Quality back links are HTML links back to your site from other sites with a reasonable page rank (3 or more but the higher the better). Google likes these links because, as far as Google is concerned,  the rankings are a popularity contest. Links back to your site from other well ranked sites, particularly on a subject related to your site, suggests that your web page is an authority on the chosen subject.

In my experience, and that extends to a working knowledge of a dozen or so number-one ranking websites, position 1 rankings can be achieved more easily with exact match domain names than the relatively time-consuming process of generating quality back links.

So what does this mean for your website? It means that if you are about to register a new domain you should think very carefully about the name and register one based on the most common search terms your intended market will use. Get an exact match domain if possible.

This is of course a very simplified look at SEO but it is a fundamental aspect almost always missed by the budding Internet marketing entrepreneur.

Steve Williams

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