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Internet Marketing – Rehashed Stories.

Posted by Steve | Posted in Internet Scams and other things to avoid, Uncategorized | Posted on 10-09-2011


I get a lot of emails for people trying to sell me the latest Internet Marketing money making machine. I love getting them, checking them out and generally getting a good laugh out of them.

I usually see a pattern. Someone with a new spin on things will send me a link to a video made by some 11 year old super genius with software he stole of an even younger mega genius and is now making a 6 figure a month income with this KILLER formula! Pretty soon every two bit marketer on the planet is on the bandwagon spinning variations of the same old story.

The latest one is all bout the guy who was on skid row and found the secret formula to millions and now is so pissed with the Internet Marketing scams that he is going to reveal all.

He is sick of the bulls%$t served up by so called gurus and he is going to smash it all wide open and guess what? these so called Gurus are not going to like it one little bit!

Now take a look at one of the latest emails I received but before you do I am going to make a prediction and just for the record I have not actually followed the link to find out what they are offering. Here is the call…

This link will take you to some blurb where they will actually try to get you to buy some product using exactly the same marketing bulls%$t that they are telling you is a scam.

Tell me if I am wrong!   Here is the email. ( Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page)

This guy was sitting on his couch
of his parents how with just $100
dollars to his name..

And NOW he’s trained over 77,000+
students and profited $16.2Million
in affiliate commissions.

And he’s SICK AND TIRED of the
way the industry is turning..

Watch this video and find out why:


Talk Soon



I guaranteed  that this link is not associated to any affilliate account owned by me nor will I derive any income form any user following the link and subscribing to whatever offers are available.. I have not verified the legitimacy of any of the content view-able at this link. The link was provided to demonstrate the prevalence of internet marketing practices considered by the author to be less than Honorable. It is the authors opinion. without viewing the actual offers at the link, that extreme caution should be exercised regarding any purchases of any products offered at the link.

It is the view of the author, without actually viewing the link content, that the products offered will be of little value which is in keeping with the nature of similar offers which abound on the web.