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Optimizing Header Tags

Posted by Steve | Posted in Fast Cash Blog | Posted on 21-05-2011

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HTML header tags are used to indicate the relative importance of a section of text on a webpage. The HTML code on a webpage will preface the text with one of six individual headed tags. The headed tags and named H1 through H6 with H1 carrying the most importance. An example of the H1 Header and text can be seen below.

<H1> Popular Widgets </H1>

When designing your webpage you should follow the general rule of using the most important title on the page using keywords relevant to that page in your H1 title. For example if your webpage is specifically about widgets the H1 tag should be applied to a short section of text at the top of a webpage specifically referring to widgets. You would then continue using headed tags H2 through to H6 to highlight subheadings on that page.

When you consider this strategy within the framework of previous posts on this blog you will see that this is a common thread. Remember that web pages should be all about relevance so the search engine should expect to see the the most prominent title on your page carries the H1 better and reflects the keywords or phrase searched by the user. Other less significant components of the search may be found in the H2 to H6 headers. so for example if you had your H1 title tag containing the text widgets and the H2 tag contained the word silver widgets is a subheading then a Google search for silver widgets would find your page relevance of that search. Of course if you have a webpage entitle silver widgets that relevance would be even more significant but it is not possible in practice to cover every longtail search phrase in this manner.

While header tags are not vitally important the search engine ranking they are nevertheless another component of search engine optimization that you should aim to address not just for the general optimization that you but also because the structure they require also will translate into a logical and well set out website page that your human users will appreciate.

You can easily see how H1 -H6 headed tags are used by visiting any website and selecting page source by right clicking your mouse. This is a good way in general to see the structure of the code behind the website.

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Fast Cash Club – Why You Are Here?

Posted by Steve | Posted in Fast Cash Blog | Posted on 16-04-2011



I am guessing ( but it’s an educated guess) that are here because¬† you want the same thing as I do¬† – control over your life.

Once, I had no controll over my life … at least not any real control. Sure, I had a well paid job and a career but once I made the move from having a Boss to being my own Boss I realised that the two are worlds apart.

Don’t get me wrong, being your own boss can be hard work but it is the most rewarding experience you will ever have. That is because it taps into a the fundamentals of human motivation – self determination. Once you have tasted the reward for effort only really available to the self employed you will never want to go back.

In 1999 as a management consultant I earned $295k in sales and commissions. I earned more that 10 times that for my Boss. I worked 14 hour days and many weekends and I had 20 days holiday each year. You know, that was a pretty good living as jobs go… but there was one thing missing … control. One day my boss came to me and told me that he was selling his business to the competition. He told me that he was paying me out as the new company had no place for me. I was blown away. I was the most successful sales consultant so I couldnt understand why they were not interested in employing me. I still don’t understand it today … but I am glad it happened because I was so taken back by the uncertainty of my job and life in general, that I vowed to change the odds in my favour and take control of my life!

Today, I am my own boss. I work because I like to and don’t work when I don’t want to. My work is rewarding because I am in control and everything I do benefits me and those I choose to take with me such as my family and the many friends and associates I have met on my journey. I have many more holidays, a much higher income and a sense of achievment I never got out of working for a boss. It is a wonderful position to be in.

My advice to anyone who wants a similar life is to start now. Start building your business on the internet while in a day job if you have to but start now while there is so much potential for growth.

Every day of the year millions of new internet users come on line looking for some kind of experience. These are millions of new opportunities every day for you to provide an experince and build an income for your self so don’t wait. Tke a look at the fast cash series below and alos take a look around the rest of my blogs. I post here every few day with information aimed at Internet Marketing newbies.

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